On Kawara, Oct. 26, 1971


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new print journal. The publication, which will debut with a biannual frequency, is the opposite of a traditional magazine: instead of starting with the present, we start with the past. 

Each issue will focus, as its theme, on a specific year in recorded history. Articles will span the same range of creative nonfiction that we've traced online—from investigative journalism to essayistic criticism—except that every story will touch, either directly or indirectly, on a particular year. 

With the idea that every year on record contains innumerable touchstones for modern cultural and political life, we aim to illuminate the stories of the present with the histories of the past. American Circus inverts the magazine approach to the here-and-now and steps back, seeing which answers to current questions have been there all along. 


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Since we started American Circus in late 2011, we've published stories about the violent history of doping in horse racing's Triple Crown, the crisis of Egypt's liberal parties, and the coat check at the Museum of Modern Art—the last of which was anthologized by Norton as a nonfiction winner of the 2014 Pushcart Prize. 

With your support, we will continue to publish stories like these both in print and online, where regular columns will supplement the biannual journal. We're incredibly grateful for your readership, and we're looking forward to this exciting new chapter. 


Some of the places we've been featured: