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Top Conservatives on Instagram

We know that Ayatollah Khamenei and the IDF are on Instagram. State propapaganda can provoke some pretty strong reactions, but what of the everyday Herman Cain retweeter, the type of lowest-common-denominator iSchmuck whose eventual adoption of the service signaled its arrival among the legions and precipitated Facebook's billion-dollar acquisition?

According to analysis of the digital strategies of the presidential candidates late into this election cycle, one can safely assume that Republicans dwarf Democrats on the social web, with Romney garnering roughly 1/4th, 1/20th, and 1/37th the following Obama had on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, respectively. (Data through October 2012, although current figures aren't too far off).
In other words, Twitter's bland ecosystem has given us the tag #TCOT, (Top Conservatives On Twitter), a standard raised against what must appear to the tagger a 140-character jungle of media-left spin. No specialized marker is needed on Facebook, which has achieved with its user base the kind of socioeconomic ubuiquity rarely seen outside of the grating enthusiasm for In-n-Out burgers. Instagram, with its rose-tinted-and-auto-saturated lifecasting, is the louche counterpart to Facebook and Twitter's quotidian function.
Yet there they are, Instagram's small right-wing vanguard, raging against (gun control, mostly) with their #nobama hashtags, and in their Instacamaraderie ascending to a place at once victorious and checkered by defeat: peeing in the shower, showing off a Terror Alert-yellow Ford F-150 or a pregnant belly, an unappetizing TV dinner, propagating racist original images, propagating racist memes cadged from the web, etc. 
We #curated the best of it, so you don't have to.

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